Jul 19, 2013

Carter - 11 Months

First of all, I wanted to say I have missed all of you! I literally have not even logged into my blog (or read any of yours, sorry!) in about a month! Those of you that follow me on Instagram know I have been busy this summer and doing a ton of fun activities! I just never have time to actually sit down at my computer.   

11 months old! Getting so big!!
Oh my gosh, Carter will only be a baby for one more month!!!
He loves chasing Leah through the tunnel!
So much has happened this last month with him. First of all - he is mobile! That is probably the main reason for my lack of posts lately!!  I am constantly chasing after him!  Two days after my last post about Carter turning 10 months, he started full on crawling!!!  He is also pulling up to standing and cruising around on the furniture. He is all over the place - opening drawers & cabinets, pulling books off of bookshelves, wanting to play with everything that ISN'T a toy, etc. He is starting to try to balance while standing up too!
Woah......balance! Such concentration!
He is talking a lot. He can say - Leah, Yeah, Mama, Dada, Night-night, Hi, More, Kitty, Uh-oh. I can ask him if he wants more of something and he will say "Yeah, mo mo" :-)
Silly kids!
He can wave, give high-fives, blow kisses, clap and say "Yay!" He will point to something he sees or wants.
He is starting to push this around, and also will push around his activity table and little chairs.

He is eating a lot more foods now and likes black beans, pasta, rice, all fruits & veggies, graham crackers, bread, little pieces of turkey or chicken, cheerios. He is already rejecting purees and puffs! I am still breastfeeding and can't believe I have made it this long!

These two......
 Best friends forever. :-)
Now I need to get started on Carter's birthday party planning!!! 


  1. Shut up! Can't believe he's almost a year old!! Love those adorable chunky thighs!!

  2. Almost a year?!?! Time flies! Hope party planning is going well! :)

  3. I bet you don't know yourself now that he's on the move!! They look like they are the best of friends, always happy together :)