Jun 18, 2013

Carter - 10 Months

Carter is 10 months old!
No, we don't sit him in this chair anymore! It is just for the monthly picture :)
We have once again had a month with lots of new exciting things!
Carter is starting to talk! He clearly says "Hi" and he will wave! When something drops he says "Uh-oh!"  He will also try to copy other words and sounds we make.
He knows how to give high fives and has started winking at us. He scrunches his face and nose and blinks. It is SO cute!
He started sleeping in his crib this month. It is in our room for now until he is done nursing and then we will move him into his own room. 
He can crawl backwards and in a circle but not forward yet. He is so close to figuring it out. He can go from laying on his tummy to sitting up. He is pulling up on things but only to his knees.
Carter has tried lots more foods. He isn't really a fan of "baby food", like purees. He likes feeding himself little pieces of real food. So far we are sticking mostly to fruits and veggies, puffs, little pieces of bread, cheerios, and he LOVES graham crackers. He also tried yogurt for the first time yesterday and loved it. He still has only had breastmilk.
I can't believe there are only a few more months of his first year!!!!


  1. Awww - he's a verbal little man! How cute! :)

    And smart boy - graham crackers are the best!

  2. I mean, could he look any happier in all of these pictures?! :)

  3. He is the happiest little boy ever!! Look at his smile in those pictures, adorable!
    And growing up too fast by the sounds of it, such a fun stage he's at now :)
    So great to catch up with you guys, sorry I have been so slack :(
    Hope you all have a great week xo

  4. 10 months already! What a sweet and happy boy he is!