Jun 7, 2013

San Diego Part 3

Our last full day in San Diego was our beach day! There are so many awesome beaches down there and it was hard to choose which one to go to! But we decided on the beach on Coronado Island. It was beautiful! Warm, sunny weather, soft sand, nice breeze, ahhhhhh. It was nice. If only Dustin and I wouldn't have underestimated the strong southern Cali sun and burned, oops! Luckily the kids were sufficiently lathered up with sunscreen!

Carter hung out in his carseat most of the time
Leah LOVED it!

They had the best time running from the waves
Carter was not a fan. After this pic he lifted his feet up and wouldn't put them back down!
Both kids were passed out within minutes of getting in the car!
The next day we were leaving but had a few hours to check out Balboa Park which was amazing and beautiful and you could spend a whole week just checking out all the museums, gardens, shops, etc.
I love all the palm trees!

And finally, a few more pics of us hanging around our hotel on the last evening...

 Then it was time to go home!

We were surprised when Leah put her head down and slept most of the flight home!
Bye bye San Diego!
I definitely would have liked to stay longer and explore more of Southern California! We will be back for sure! Really fun and really memorable first family vacation!!!  Now I have the travel bug though and keep thinking of places I want to go!


  1. Great way to spend the end of your vacay. I would love to go back there and explore more too!

  2. Loved catching up on all your photos! Looks like such a great family vacation!

  3. That is really great that you all had a wonderful family vacation. Hopefully you get back there some day soon, or somewhere else perhaps!? California is beautiful :) Did you like the hotel and if so, what was the name of it?